New Year, New Look, New Signs

It’s the time of the year for looking forward. That means developing new ideas to grow your business and plans to put those ideas into action. How can you attract the type of customers that you are targeting for your growth plans? How will you set your business apart from the competition? How will you create the first and lasting impression that entices your prospects and turns them into customers? Signs are a crucial piece.

Just as your wouldn’t walk into an important business meeting with shabby clothing, it’s a good time to “check yourself in the mirror” and be self-critical about your business’ signs and see if it represents your business at its best. The type of customer that you attract depends upon the image that you present. Sometimes its a matter of adapting the signage of your restaurant to changing technologies. Sometimes a close look will find aspects of your signs that are in disrepair, or that you were never really satisfied with in the first place. And sometimes it’s a matter of a design overhaul that will be just the fix your business needs to reinvigorate your brand.

So take a probing look at your signage, both outside and inside your building. Is it attractive, well-constructed, inviting? Does it offer a professional impression about your products and services? Does it look tired and old, or new and appealing? If it’s time for a change, please call us at (631)761-9292 for a free consultation about how you can put your best face on for a successful 2016.

Does your business need a facelift? An elegant wall graphic transforms the image of this salon to draw a new type of customer.