Creating Good Signs

At Signwave, we hate ugly signs.

Ugly Signs

Ugly Signs Are A Blight. We work with our customers to comply with all ordinances regarding sign size and location.

Outdoor Signs

A good outdoor sign is a form of landscape art, not only which will attract customers to your door but will build your standing in the community. Attractive signs that comply with community codes help convey an image of responsible citizenship. Signs can turn your place of business into a landmark that everyone knows. We’ve all said things like “let’s meet outside Maria’s Taco Stand” or “it’s right across from Mickey’s Garage” because the signs of that business make it easy to find. They generate the word of mouth that establishes your business as a fixture in the neighborhood.

Good signage – even temporary signage – shows the world that you are for real, and that you are here to stay. Beautiful signs add beauty to the community. Ugly signs add clutter.

Locating Signs

Your business’ main sign is a guidepost to notify customers of your presence, and should be designed and positioned for maximum visibility. It’s important to work with designers that know how to comply with town codes, building codes and site conditions.

Signs on your windows and doors are designed to inform customers about your products or services, hours of operation, and help traffic flow.

Brand Promise

A good sign is not just words and pictures. It needs to convey your brand and how your business is different from the rest. It is the shiny object that will capture your customers’ attention.

The quality of the design, the printing, the materials and the workmanship are as important as the text and graphics. “Just average” signs return just average results. What does a damaged or poorly-made sign say to you about the businesses you frequent? Pride of ownership, conveyed by attention to detail in signage, lets your customers know that you pay attention to them.

Interior Signs

Interior signs, too, need to be designed with specific conditions in mind. From what distance will it be read? What are the lighting conditions, color scheme, mounting conditions? How long should it last?

Let us help you decide the right placement, size, materials and design of the signs that will help your visitors find their way around.

Mobile Signs

Your car, and your company’s vehicles, are on the road all the time. Using your car or van as a mobile sign can expose tens of thousands of additional eyeballs to your message every single day.

Keep in mind that most of the time that your vehicle signage is on the road generating awareness of your business, it will be moving quickly. Drivers will get the chance to read some of the detailed information on the rear of your car. But the sides and hood, being larger areas, are the spots to generate brand awareness through use of appealing graphics.

Think about the “call to action” – what it is you hope to accomplish with mobile advertising. The surfaces of a car or van can’t cram in every possible piece of information about your products and services. But you can generate awareness of your company and interest the public enough to call or visit your website for further information.

Different sections of your car serve different functions in your outdoor messaging. The hood is a large surface area that will primarily be seen by oncoming traffic. Thus an attention-grabber makes the most sense there – a large image of your logo to generate awareness. The sides of your car will be visible to drivers alongside you on the roads – possibly a few seconds, or a few minutes, depending on traffic conditions. These sections can be used to make your company statement. The statement might be conveyed with a brief slogan, graphically displayed, and relevant images. The rear of your car will be visible for the longest time, and by a captive audience when you are in heavy traffic. This is where you can put detailed information like your website address, phone number, etc.

Event Signage

Special events are a great way to expose your brand to new audiences and help build community relations. Whether it be your company’s sponsorship of a charity event, your promotion in a street fair, or participation in a trade show, the quality of your signs and displays are what will drive your success at welcoming new potential customers. Talk to us about your off-the-wall ideas and we will help you bring them to life.

Images /event signage

Beauty and Brains

All signs are there to inform. It’s especially critical that directory signs, office signs and wayfinding signs first and foremost fulfill their function of telling people what they need to know. The design and materials used can help your business provide that information in a manner that supplements your overall interior design.

Imge /Directory Sign

Online/Offline Connection

If your business has committed the energy and expense of building an online presence, let us work with you to have your physical signage work in concert with your virtual marketing programs.

This works in both directions. Our design team will work with you to drive traffic to your website and social media outlets, and your online presence will feature your physical signage to make it easier for your target customers to find and identify your location.